Principals & Associates



Michael Chen

Michael is a sophomore from Delaware living in Mather House. He’s planning on pursuing a concentration in Applied Math with an Economics track and a secondary in Government. He loves Corgis, baking desserts, taking photographs, and engaging in intramural activities. Michael’s interests include nonprofit education for low-income children, stem cell therapies, and voting behavior in Congress.

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Sean Finamore

Sean is a sophomore living in Quincy House who hopes to concentrate in either Neuroscience/CS or Engineering Science. Currently living in Canada, he grew up internationally in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Macau. On campus, Sean is a part of the Canadian Club, HAPA, and volunteers with Philips Brookes House Association. This past summer, Sean worked with a gov-tech stealth startup as a software engineer, helping to build the first version of the product. In his spare time, Sean loves to play soccer & basketball, play piano, draw, and cook with friends.


Jasmine Huang

Jasmine is a sophomore in Winthrop from Houston, Texas who plans on studying Mathematics. She was a counselor for the Honors Summer Math Camp last summer to help high school students learn to love math, just like she does. She’s a part of both the Asian American Dance Troupe and Expressions Dance Company. Outside of school, she likes to practice her baking skills and is on the hunt for the best coffee shop in Boston!


Matthew Kiflu

Matthew is a sophomore living in Currier House from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He concentrates in History. As a principal on the sourcing team, he is responsible for identifying startups within the Innovation Labs. This past summer, he was an analyst on the investment banking team at CL King and Associates, where he focused on capital markets.

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David Paffenholz

David is a sophomore in Eliot House, concentrating in economics. Originally from Düsseldorf, Germany, David also spent time in Boston and Spain before returning to the States for college. David's passion for entrepreneurship/VC have led him to seek strong exposure in the field: this past summer, he worked at Fifth Wall ("built world" focused VC in LA) and Swellbox (healthcare-tech startup in NY).

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Eddie Richardson

Eddie is a sophomore in Eliot House from Smyrna, Georgia. He is planning on concentrating in Applied Math with a secondary in Spanish. Outside of HUCP, Eddie is also involved in the Black Students Association and the Sports Analysis Collective. Eddie spent this past summer working as a research assistant at Harvard Business School, where he studied consumer behavior and competitive balance policies in professional sports leagues. He is an avid sports fan, and his lifelong dream is to one day become the owner of his hometown Atlanta Braves.


Chris Scazzero

Chris Scazzero is a sophomore at Harvard from Westchester County, New York staying in Lowell House. He plans to concentrate in Economics and pursue a career in finance. He is a member of the club soccer team and in his free time helps run various nonprofit organizations.

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Carissa Wu

Carissa is a sophomore in Cabot House joint concentrating in Computer Science and Statistics. This past summer, her interest in the VC/startup ecosystem led her to DN Capital, where she worked on the investment team with the co-founder and managing partner. Her investment interests include machine learning, enterprise software, autonomous cars, and fintech. Outside of HUCP, you can find Carissa giving tours and presenting information sessions with the Harvard Admissions Office, performing consulting with HSA Strategy, and dancing and choreographing for AADT.


Isabelle Zheng

Isabelle is a sophomore in Dunster House who is thinking about concentrating in Computer Science. She comes from Portland, Oregon. She’s passionate about startups, technology, and innovative problem-solving. In her free time, she enjoys baking, playing the flute, and swimming.


Barron Wei

Barron is a sophomore in Adams House, concentrating in Applied Math. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he is primarily interested in software engineering and entrepreneurship. Outside of HUCP, Barron leads a tech team at The Crimson, teaches and develops curriculums for The Coding School, and contributes to open source projects. He also loves to play basketball and billiards.