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HUCP has helped over 10 Growth Equity & Venture Capital Firms at every stage of the investing process.

Harvard Sourcing

Our sourcing team maps out the University startup ecosystem, providing unparalleled access to Harvard startups and startup intros for VC firms – months before the demo day or accelerator cohort release. We provide regular updates on nascent startups at Harvard. We also help firms build tailored, actionable ways to build a presence on Harvard’s campus. Our sourcing teams track entrepreneurs across the Harvard University ecosystem, including professors, undergraduates and graduate students.



Due Diligence

Our due diligence teams pair vetted, trained Harvard students with venture firm investment teams. Each of our clients is matched with a team of 4-5 members dedicated to their firm for one semester. Our teams consist of provenly driven, dedicated, and trained members vetted through our stringent and competitive selection process, and are led by a principal from our organization with previous buy-side/ startup experience. Our bespoke teams are trained and equipped to perform due diligence services on all deal flow or firm initiatives, including:

  • Team pedigree verification

  • Technology & IP differentiation

  • Competitive landscape

  • Value proposition pressure testing

  • Long-term defensibility analysis

  • Industry expert call validations

We’ve demonstrated value across multiple metrics:



We work with a global base of corporate, government, and independent venture capital firms with multi-industry investment theses.



Our diligence teams work on projects that drive real-world, tangible impact. We are proud to take an active role in building the future of our world — one investment at a time.


STARtups we’ve worked with

Our sector-agnostic sourcing team is keen on helping first-time student founders — we’ve helped several Harvard companies find the perfect mentors, investors, and team members.


On Campus Partnerships:

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