Diverse Membership with a common passion for entrepreneurship


Diligence Teams

Teams are composed of 4-5 HUCP members who are paired with a leading venture capital firm’s investment team. HUCP members conduct diligence—such as building competitive landscapes, assessing product uniqueness, and conducting customer calls—throughout the semester to inform firms’ investment decisions on active deals in their pipelines.

Sourcing Team

The sourcing team is composed of 6-8 members who leverage HUCP’s network at Harvard to identify and recommend investment opportunities to HUCP’s angel and venture capital partners. Members build relationships with stakeholders across the University, interview startup founders, and communicate frequently with HUCP partners.

Diligence Team Member Traits:

  • Analytical Abilities: ability to analyze problems in a structured fashion

  • Concision: clearly and concisely communicate key takeaways

  • Team-player: strong team-building and collaboration skills

  • Investment Insight: ability to identify significant business drivers

  • Strong Interest: entrepreneurial spirit in pursuing new insights for investors

Sourcing Team Member Traits:

  • Hungry and Scrappy: persistent drive to create new initiatives and sources of investing opportunities

  • Communication: ability to lead discussions, collaborate, and consistently seek feedback

  • Internally Motivated: consistently puts forth high quality work, even lacking external deadlines

  • Strong Interest: excited to talk to entrepreneurs!

Unique Culture, Strong Community.

As a rapidly growing yet close-knit organization, HUCP combines a startup’s culture of ownership and innovation with an established organization’s dedicated mentorship and institutional resources. Thanks to common goals, bonding activities, and team celebrations, HUCP members aren’t only colleagues— we are friends.